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The Studio

Eman Shafiq Design Studio (LLC) is an interdisciplinary design studio, currently operating between the United Arab Emirates and Canada. The studio was founded with the intention to create ethically manufactured and unique products that pay homage to traditional artisanal handcrafts and their evolution into contemporary digitally administered processes.

Founded by an Architect as an exploratory platform for forms of design outside the discipline of Architecture, the studio is currently exploring the rich craft of Fine Jewelry Design.

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The Jewelry

Through a combination of contemporary digital design practices and traditional artisanal handcrafts, we aim to create minimal fine jewelry pieces that are perfect for everyday wear. Each piece is designed and refined through a process of testing and iteration using additive manufacturing before being hand-crafted by locally based artisans. From concept to realization, each item is created with love, the utmost attention to detail and the intention of becoming a staple in our clients' collections.

All of our pieces are crafted from 18k solid gold and rhodium-plated sterling silver. The organic process of hand-casting and finishing the jewelry creates unique characteristics from piece to piece, making each item one-of-a-kind and lending it a sense of authenticity.

Pieces containing pearls or jewels are created using ethically sourced or recycled pearls and precious gemstones, making these particular pieces limited edition creations.


The Designer

Eman Shafiq is an Architect and graduate of the American University of Sharjah. Born and raised in Dubai, she is intrigued by the concept of civic architecture in the UAE and the transformation of architecture in the country since its union and the consequent impact this has had on urban culture. Having a multidisciplinary approach to architecture, she is interested in the processes of design and fabrication at various scales through digital and traditional means.

Since graduating, she has gained valuable professional experience as an Architect and fabricator by working as an Architectural Research Assistant at the American University of Sharjah, followed by experience as an Architect on the Architecture Production Team at the Sharjah Architecture Triennial, and most recently her position as a Junior Architect at the Aga-Khan award-winning practice, X-Architects.

Through her education and work experience, Eman’s interests have expanded towards other design and research areas related to the Architecture profession and she is currently collaborating with a colleague on research pertaining to Dubai's cultural and urban development, under the common thematic umbrella of movement, centering on the concept of inflection points for growth. In addition to this, through a synthesis of her love for jewelry and her professional education and experience as an Architect, Eman was drawn towards the discipline of fine jewelry design, leading her to found the Eman Shafiq Design Studio